For new customers

Technical information
For correct ordering of goods on website you must enable cookies, JavaScript and popupwindow in your web browser. Cookies are created at the entrance to the store and used only for the purpose of correct functioning of the visit counter. No data is read from the disk via cookies.

Screen settings
We recommend a resolution of 1024x768 and a color depth of 24 bits for an optimal display of the pages.

Viewing the offer

Placing an order in our store is easy. Just browse our offer or use the "SEARCH" option to select interesting products you want to order.

Goods on our virtual shelves are presented in different ways. In the left menu you can choose a specific type of category. After selecting any type in the left menu, our whole offer will be displayed for it. If the products do not fit - at the top and bottom you will find a transition to the next pages.
A short description of the product is available next to the picture. By pressing the mouse on the product you go to the main page of the product.
On this page is a full description of the selected product and a link to complete the set (if the product is also offered as a set). At the bottom of the page you will find comments from other customers who had something to say about the product.
o make a purchase click on the drop down menu "TO CART" and you will be taken to a page showing the products in your virtual shopping cart. You will now be guided through the instructions displayed in the box at the top of the screen.

We recommend that you also view products at promotional prices. These are presented on the home page (displayed randomly).


Walking around the store, no matter where you are, you can get to the products you are interested in faster thanks to the quick search option available at the top right of the screen. After clicking the "SEARCH" option located on the bar at the bottom of the screen, an advanced search form will be displayed, where you can limit the browsed offer to a specific type, category, manufacturer, promotional discount, and even specify the price range. You can also sort your search results.

Your shopping basket

You can buy selected items quickly and easily. Just click "Add to Cart" on the product page (choosing color, size and quantity). The product will go to your shopping cart, the contents of which will be shown each time you put another item in it. Placing a product in the shopping cart does not constitute a final decision to buy it and does not entail any financial consequences. If you decide to abandon an item in your shopping cart, you can remove it at any time by clicking on "REMOVE FROM CART".

While in the shopping cart, use the "RETURN" button to go back to browsing the offer. In the same way, add all the products you have selected. You can change the "QUANTITY" field at will, but remember that when you make changes in the cart you have to press the "CHANGE" button in order for the changes to be saved.
While browsing our offer you have constant access to your shopping cart, the link to its content is always located at the top of the page. In the shopping cart you can see all items that you have put in it with size and color description, quantity and price. Summary of values at the bottom refers only to the goods, it does not yet include the shipping costs, which will be calculated at a later stage.

When navigating through the store, do not use the "BACK" button in your web browser, this can cause you to lose the contents of your cart, always use the buttons available on our sites (unless there are none).